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"The equipment saves lives" | ROBG-305

Motsatsey Municipality and the Municipality of Montana in partnership created this project with a focus on developing measures for safer overall region. The project presents a set of activities, aimed at effective risk management, preventing and responding to natural disasters in the region of CBC focusing on floods and fires.
The overall project objective is to improve joint risk management in the border region. This project aims to achieve a reduction in the vulnerability of the environment and to prevent the consequences of social and economic disaster, caused by floods or fires in border region. The logical line of this project is, that certain measures are best suited to be managed at the municipal level, such as improving the natural drainage to prevent flooding rain or providing the necessary equipment for quick response.
The project envisages the realization of logic built a set of measures (activities) to create conditions for risk management in the municipality Montana (by delivery of equipment) and municipality Motsatsey (by delivery of equipment); development of analytical and strategic documents and events for training and awareness-raising, which will help to unite communities and management processes in the border region of Romania and Bulgaria, to participate in the joint development zone of cooperation in a sustainable way.
In most cases during disaster response time and resources in rural areas are greatly reduced. To deal with disasters, those catastrophic events, which stretched the capacity of municipalities, It may be exercised only willingly, pre-planned response and the availability of appropriate equipment. The partners aim to prevent it through supplies, that one of the objects of this project. Establishing a workable cooperation CBC for joint action, aimed at improving joint risk management in the border region – result of the project, will help the population of the CBC to benefit from the actions of risk management measures for flood protection.
New in this approach to risk management, that readiness will be achieved at a satisfactory level of readiness to respond to any emergency situation through programs, that strengthen the technical and managerial capacity of municipalities. These measures can be described as logistical readiness to deal with disasters. This capacity to respond to emergencies will be further supported by the project strategic and analytical documents and organized training and awareness campaigns.


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