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You are invited to celebrate peace and unity in Europe

The Interreg V-A Romania program – Bulgaria launches European Garden initiative, to celebrate 9 May – Europe Day!

If you are interested in joining us, please send your photo (preferably with your favorite flower / bouquet of flowers) to 27 April 2021 g. на имейл адреса Всички получени снимки ще бъдат подредени на европейската карта, and the final product will be published on the Program website and on the Facebook page.

Do not worry – smile, be positive, let your friends know, be creative, take a camera and send us your photo (with or without flowers).

The photo, which you send …
• must be in .jpg format,
• must be of sufficient quality,
• must not contain copyrighted material (except those owned by you, photographer).

You retain ownership and copyright to your photo. You are authorizing the Interreg V-A Romania program – Bulgaria to use and show your photo, including on the Program website, galleries and social media. Also, the Interreg V-A Romania program – Bulgaria reserves the right to refuse or remove your photo at any time. If there are minors in the photo you sent, you must be the parent or guardian of these minors and have the right to consent to the use of their image in the photo. If there are other adults in the picture, you must obtain the explicit consent of each person, to be captured and its image used and shared.

We are happy to be with you in this initiative and to celebrate together 9 May – Europe Day 2021!

Source: Interreg V - A Romania-Bulgaria program

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