The employees of RD PBZN Montana Montana conducted a fire-tactical exercise on the eve of their professional holiday - September 14 skip to Main Content

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The employees of RD PBZN Montana Montana conducted a fire-tactical exercise on the eve of their professional holiday - September 14

25 employees of RD PBZN Montana received awards on the occasion of the professional holiday

Firefighters, rescuers and volunteers from the voluntary formation of the municipality of Montana "August 2013" showed their skills in a fire-tactical exercise "Activities of the units of the RDPBZN Montana in liquidating the consequences of large-scale forest fires and the occurrence of danger to populated areas". The demonstrations took place at the training center training ground in the city of. Montana on the occasion of the professional holiday of the employees of fire safety and protection of the population, which is celebrated on 14 September.
The exercise presented activities on terrain reconnaissance with a drone and follow-up actions in the event of a road accident between a truck and a light hybrid car. The participants also demonstrated actions at the railway. disaster, with subsequent chemical accident and fire. The lesson was held at the renovated training center training ground, which is in its final phase of construction activities.
The Fire Safety Week continues with Open Days in all PBZN offices in the district and demonstrations of fire-fighting equipment for children (the days of 12 to 18 September). Reception of citizens in the offices is carried out every day from 09,00 h. to 17,00 h. At working meetings with representatives of the municipalities in the Montana region, issues of fire safety and the work of voluntary formations are considered, and at meetings in schools, the formation of the "Young Firefighter" youth fire fighting squads and the teams for participation in the "Disaster Protection" competition are discussed, fires and emergencies”.
In connection with the Fire Safety Week and the professional holiday of PBZN employees, this year they were awarded 25 employees of RDPBZN Montana. The highest award goes to the head of the PBZN Section in the village of Gavril Genovo - st. inspector Delyan Hristov. He was awarded for his long service, in which he has shown impeccable behavior and achieved lasting results in official activity. He was awarded the "Honorary Badge of the Ministry of Internal Affairs III degree" by the Minister of Internal Affairs. Five employees of RD PBZN Montana were awarded the "Written Praise" award by the director of the Main Directorate "PBZN" ch. Commissioner Nikolay Nikolov. Two receive the same award from the director of the "Operational Activities" Directorate at the State Department of Internal Affairs and Communications, Commissioner Krasimir Shoterov, and the 2nd – by Commissioner Alexander Jartov, Director of the "State Control and Preventive Activities" Directorate at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. The director of RD PBZN Montana, Commissioner Vencislav Raykov, was awarded 15 employees with "Written Commendation".

The Director of the Regional Directorate "Fire Safety and Protection of the Population", Commissioner Vencislav Raykov, determined the passing 2022 g. as calm in terms of fire protection. The reported intensity of team outings is 5 for a day. Through 2021 g. the total number of fire department exits was 1 274, and this year – 1 268. A slight increase is observed in fires with material losses - 160 for the current year, at 132 – for the previous one. The level of other accidents remains the same, Commissioner Raykov also commented. According to him, during the year, concern was caused by the announced state of emergency in the month of June in the city. Varshets, during which the river Botunya overflowed its bed and caused damage to private properties and municipal infrastructure, but it cannot be compared with the current disasters in the Karlovo region. At the moment, there is one registered fire victim on the territory of the district, 5-ma is the number of injured citizens. Through 2021 g. 2 citizens became victims of fires in the district, there were 4 injured.
The year is also characterized by the continuation of the renovation activities of the Training Ground of RD PBZN Montana, Commissioner Raykov also summarized, as they are carried out with funds under the program of the "Internal Security" fund of the Ministry of the Interior. At the moment, construction activities on the construction of a highway and a train composition simulator are being completed, a learning tower and an earthquake training building. The renovation of two warehouses at the second test site of the Learning Center on ul. "Sirma voivoda" in. Montana – offices are being built there, storage, teaching room and sanitary units, the dining area is also expanding.

Text: MINISTRY OF INTERIOR AFFAIRS, Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs – Montana
Video material: Remix TV


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